Our team is a collection of formally trained designers and builders that operates in Winnipeg MB. We have pioneered an approach to realizing projects that is unique to the industry. We have developed a fondness for the details, materials and processes of construction and have long been aware of the frustrations and complications of having others build a design that they may not fully commit to. For this reason we have built a system that has nurtured our designers into competent and professional builders who are comfortable and excited to think and operate “outside of the box”.

We are committed to the details that we design into our projects and appreciate the opportunity to be fully involved in helping them physically come to life at a 1:1 scale. Our knowledge of contemporary construction practices and cutting edge fabrication technologies ensures that we design economically within the limitations of our budgets while appreciating materials and designing specific to the tools that are economically available within the field. For us, design is building and building is design, we feel strongly that at the residential scale the two have very little distinction.

Design-Built Team


Design-built works closely with our clients to help deliver your dream project in as cost-effective a manner as possible. We facilitate all aspects of the design and construction process offering complimentary and streamlined services in design, project management, and build. We have developed a highly transparent pricing structure that nurtures an honest and comforting dialogue throughout the course of a project.

If you are in the market to do something special at any scale of design please do get in touch. We’d be excited to let you know more about our process as it relates to your specific project. We are always excited to meet new clients and discuss the projects that you have in mind.

Design-Built Team Photo