Who We Are

Design-built’s team has come together around a common desire to create.  We are designers, makers and managers who operate at varying scales and encounter a variety of challenges in our daily practice.

We believe in the value of connecting the threads of imagination and creativity to those of building and doing.  This cycle, in it’s own way, acts as a continued education that has helped to unearth our core values.  Values that are created by the healthy feedback loop that is the design-build process.  A process that has steered our philosophies and intentions toward appropriate, honest and timeless solutions that pay respect to the materials that we have grown to love and the tools that we love to use.

We have a range of skillsets from designers that love to build, to competent builders and managers that have an appreciation for the details. Our team is made up of people who thrive in an environment where they are connected to all of the stages involved in bringing new ideas, solutions and spaces into reality.