“I went to Design-Built for consultation on a small residential project and immediately knew I’d made the right choice. Despite the firm’s sophisticated, high-end profile and portfolio, they were genuine, plain-spoken and charmingly down-to-earth right from the start, which made communication of ideas back and forth so much easier and more productive. Not only were they open to my modest plans and budget — they were excited by the challenge of moving economically and efficiently toward all the things that mattered to me, wasting no time on features that didn’t matter. I loved their design philosophy, but even more impressive was their commitment to the hands-on craftsmanship that turns their ideas into reality. I was blown away by the beautiful, creative and ingenious design concepts they presented to me, and how promptly they responded and delivered throughout the months of back-and-forth we had on the project. I highly recommend this firm.

– Ellen Vanstone, Client


“To aspire to elevate modest single-family design-build housing to the level of Japanese minimalism is a tall order in Winnipeg … Clayton has built spaces of contemplation with dozens of thoughtful moments in each room. These are lucky people who get to inhabit his work.”

– Excerpt from architect and judge Gregory Henriquez, ‘Architecture Designer of the Year 2016: Design-Built’, Western Living – 24 August 2016, Publication


“As judge and renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma says of Design-Built’s portfolio: ‘Simplicity of concept enhances the relation among materials and extracts maximum expression.’  Kuma notes Design-Built’s ‘constant success in referring to the intrinsic tectonic character of the details.'”

-‘Architecture Designer of the Year 2016: Design-Built’, Western Living – 24 August 2016, Publication


“I continue to be impressed by the results Clayton and his crew have achieved as evidenced by the countless compliments I receive on the facade of our property.”

-Jeremy Sabourin, Client


“A beautiful design that flows well with the rest of the house, fits our family needs and is super functional … We liked that design-built was ready to do the project correctly and took into account details beyond the kitchen to ensure that this design could remain untouched for many years to come.”

-Jamie and Lisa Townsend, Clients


Clayton is a problem solver and an optimist, and with appropriate balance is pragmatic and reasonable where necessary to complete a task; but a stickler for principle and detail where compromises (for example structural or other quality issues) are out of the question.”

-Vivan E. Rachlis, Client